Fourteen-year-old Jessica Jones recently completed a one week work experience at Hyderus. Below are some of her experiences.

Hello! My name is Jessica, I am fourteen years old and am currently studying for my GCSEs. I live in Oakdale in South Wales, not too far away from Hyderus and would like to share  my experiences of working at the company as a student on a school placement. My father, Darren Jones, works here and so does my aunt, Sam Combe. I go to Pontllanfraith Comprehensive school which is about two miles from the Hyderus office and have chosen Business Studies as one of my four options at GCSE.  I wanted to do my work experience at Hyderus in the hope that it would give me more insight into business and help me learn the basics of running a busy company.

I worked with most of the team during the week and I found the varied nature of the work very interesting. I spent time with Pat Ashton who taught me about client billing and route forms. I enjoyed learning about it even though I got very confused with the mathematics involved. I also worked with Ann Mair learning about accounts, invoicing and office management. She introduced me to Xero and Sage (accounting packages) and I also had to fill out some spreadsheets. I then went on a webinar with Mark and spoke to Gerhard who  told me all about his website and showed me its different functions. My next time-slot was with Melanie who told me all about her blogs and the different types of work she does here. Auntie Sam was next and she taught me how to use the presentation software, Prezi, resulting in a presentation of my family tree which I was able to do on my own – with a bit of help from Sam!  Lastly, I worked with dad, who showed me how to build a website and, with his help, I  was able to add more information to AirPlay Balloons, a website set up by my Ma’am.

I  really enjoyed my work experience at Hyderus and found it very pleasant working in the office.  Of all my time spent on learning about the business, working with Mark was my favourite slot because going on the webinar was something I would not have thought of doing and it was a new and exciting experience for me. My week at Hyderus has given me food for thought regarding my future studies.  Although I am also interested in studying Criminology and Sociology sometime in the future, I know that one of my ambitions is to own a business. I was sad to leave Hyderus after my weeks work experience and enjoyed it far more than going to school!  The staff are all very friendly and helped to make the week an enjoyable one for me. It is a calm environment and a lovely place to work and I got on well with everyone!