By Melanie Jenkins

Well shwmae a chroeso!  Hello and welcome from the heart of Wales’s rolling hills and valleys!

In the last couple of weeks, we talked about the role of Welsh in the Hyderus office, as well as the tumultuous journey of the Welsh language. Today, I’m going to introduce a few phrases to all of our non-Welsh-speaking readers – hopefully, you can use them when you visit our country, or try them out on a Welsh-speaking acquaintance in your own town!

Welsh is fairly phonetic and, therefore, extremely easy to spell (much easier than English!). Here are a couple of basic phrases. These may be like tongue-twisters for some of you – on the other hand, some of you may find the following easy to say. The problems begin when you try to pronounce the words which have been mutated (yes, mutated!). Don’t try “LL” on your own or you may end up spitting out far more than you ever intended. Here we go:

  • BORE DA – Good morning
  • NOS DA – Good night
  • HELLO – Shwmae (pronounced “shoemy”)
  • SUT DYCH CHI? – How are you? (pronounced “sit duch cheee”)
  • HYD YMA SO DA – So far so good (pronounced “”)
  • RYDW I’N HOFFI COFFI – can you guess this one? (pronounced “rud oooeeen hofeee coffee”)
  • I’ll leave you with a real tongue-twister – the longest name of a place in Europe: LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHDWYRNDROBWLLLANDISILIOGOGOGOCH

Hope you had fun trying out some new words today!