By Melanie Jenkins

Well shwmae a chroeso!  Hello and welcome from the heart of Wales’s rolling hills and valleys! (In case you missed our post about the Hyderus office and its team, take a look here.)

A typical day at the office starts with us setting up calls between colleagues in different countries, arranging visits to conferences in Wales or abroad, invoicing and billing, keeping project databases up-to-date, and consolidating feedback and action points. At the moment, we are busy working on the annual Baird’s CMC Conference, which will take place in Jerusalem in November 2012.

Due to the varied nature of office duties, no two days are the same and this makes for a more interesting and unpredictable working day. If Mark and Chris, our company directors, are not travelling on work, they come to the office and get down to the day-to-day running of the company. You will most likely find Mark conducting cross-country conference calls and working on strategy, and Chris may be developing new project management systems in order to support the vital communications structure of the company.

For my part, I work on a part-time basis and was originally employed to help Mark in an administrative capacity – something I have found extremely interesting. The nature of my work is so varied that, on any given day, I may be working on the translation of the Hyderus website into Welsh in the morning and then organising a meeting for Mark in Rome in the afternoon. Not only have I been given the opportunity of working on new projects, I have also had occasion to use my language skills, some of which are now a bit rusty due to lack of use over the years.

In fact, Hyderus gives a great deal of importance to language. Firstly, we are a communications strategy consulting firm, so the skilled use of language is integral to our services. Then, we are a bi-lingual company, offering our services through the medium of Welsh as well as English. We have an experienced Welsh tutor visiting on a weekly basis to coach our staff in the more complicated aspects of the language – namely the grammar! We also have a visiting Spanish tutor. So, to say that this is a multi-lingual office would be an understatement, especially with Mark’s fluency in Portuguese, French, and Dutch!

I hope this post has given you a flavour of our working day in Cwmfelinfach – the Welsh village where our office is located. It’s a really lovely place to work, with an ideal balance between professionalism and friendliness.