Setting up systems for issues management

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Assessing science policy in 48 African countries

Hyderus has helped several clients to set up internal systems to assess, monitor and manage threats to their reputations. It used to be relatively simple: if there was a hostile article or broadcast item (our even the threat of one), an organisation swung into action to limit the possibility of any reputational damage. Today, an organisation might find itself doing nothing else: the media is fragmenting at an accelerating rate, activist groups are expert users of social media and individuals can express a view with just a hashtag. Criticism has got much easier so the key skill now is to differentiate between negative voices which pose a real threat and those which can be politely ignored.

Where a reaction is needed, it must be quicker and more effective than ever before: a story can go viral in hours and Hyderus research shows that some of those Twitter campaigns change policy and destroy opportunities. These reaction also have to be co-ordinated seamlessly across the world – two British newspapers now have more online readers in the USA than they do at home and the most credible news source in many emerging economies is now frequently Al Jazeera. Hyderus has responded to this fast-changing world by helping clients to assess where reputation really can affect the organisation’s ability to carry out its mission and then to target efforts on these high -risk, high -return areas.

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