Hyderus is making headlines again!  This time in an article published in the April 1st 2014 edition of  The Times 

 The article — “Now the ‘small’ guys are getting in on the action” —  reports on the rise in small and medium-sized  businesses outsourcing  certain functions of their operations to external providers.   The article includes contributions both from business directors who outsource some of their functions and from companies such as Elance UK, the providers.

Hyderus Director,   Chris Nial,  talked about his own experiences of outsourcing  dangerous research projects for his company In taking advantage of this relatively new and exciting development, he says that  the company has been given access to parts of the world which are integral to its research. The article goes on to emphasise how important the  strategy of outsourcing is becoming  adding that, although it has always made sense for smaller operations to outsource some of their services,  the recent recession has made it even more pertinent.  Many of SMB owners can’t justify employing a full-time assistant  and find it much more cost-effective to pay skilled employees at set hourly rates as opposed to full-time salaries.   

Chris added that a lot of Hyderus’ work involves field work in many countries across the world, some of which are volatile and unstable, for example remote areas of Pakistan or countries such as Somalia.  “Travel to these areas from Wales is both costly and dangerous, but research there is essential to the success of the business,” he said. Hyderus has sophisticated quality assurance and fact checking processes to asure the quality of this work.

Elance is the company of choice for outsourcing some of the business’s functions and has played a vital role in the implementation of it’s research.  Hayley Conick, Elance’s UK country manager, stresses the need to put in the same amount of effort to find the right outsourced workers as a company would in building an in-house team.