Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

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Training & skills-sharing – media, speaker & crisis handling

Many consultancies see their job as creating dependent clients — organisations that will need to pay for ever-increasing levels of consultant support. At Hyderus, we see things differently: if we enable clients to build competence and capacity within their own organisations, we think that we will assist organizations in developing more and more sophisticated approaches, leveraging greater internal capacity. These customers keep coming back to us for assistance in facing the new opportunities and challenges that emerge because of an ever more complex global health environment. It is a partnership that provides value for all stakeholders.

Knowledge transfer and capacity building through training, coaching and skills transfer are at the centre of what we do. Most of our customers are global organisations with subsidiaries and affiliates around the world. Hyderus has long experience in adapting skills to different cultures and in creating learning networks within organisations. Our global network of senior consultants allows us insight into regional challenges and opportunities – and our international clients see an immediate benefit.

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