Our Pricing

Planning in advance make us even more affordable
Your toughest projects, our top expertise…now you decide how much to pay.

Most management consultants like to charge their headline rate. Only then – if your project is big enough, your business important enough, or if you’re plain lucky – will they agree to discounts. But now, as business rules get torn up, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Like you, at Hyderus, we are more interested in tomorrow than yesterday.

Like you, we’re not immune to the disruptive forces reshaping our business environment. As members of Baird’s CMC network, we’re always innovating, and we’ve changed our business model to keep giving you the services you rely on at a price you can afford.

Businesses we win competitively will be priced in our pitch at our standard rates.  We charge €330 an hour for the time of our most senior people (and between €60 and €200 for colleagues with less experience). For large contracts, our rates can drop to as little as €220 an hour.

If you choose to work with us directly, briefing and contracting us outside of a competitive tendering process, we will reward you by offering you discounted rates that not even our largest clients enjoy.

Our dynamic pricing model will give you choice and flexibility like never before if you can plan. Just as you expect to pay less to fly to Florida in mid-August or to Delhi in the middle of May, we now offer all our clients lower rates during our quieter times. Book your work into our diary, and you’ll see we have three pricing tiers: green, orange and red.

Complementary analysis

For a limited time, Hyderus will be offering selected clients a complimentary analysis of their strategic positioning. Hyderus will gather data regarding the competitive environment, opportunities and threats faced by the client.

This data gathering will then inform a senior consultant who will develop an agenda for a two-hour strategic session that will involve both consultant and senior client management. Once this is complete, the client will be provided with feedback in the form of an executive analysis. This process will also allow the senior consultant at Hyderus to fulfil client requirements or integrate with offerings from across the Baird’s CMC group of companies.

Our Flexible pricing Plan - Watch the video below

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