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Each and every healthcare business is unique in terms of their communications requirements

  • How do I choose the right healthcare communications consultancy?

    The global healthcare environment grows ever more complex – as do the challenges facing stakeholders across the value and supply chain. Only a healthcare consultancy that has truly global reach and experienced international senior representatives who have their fingers on the pulse of regional and global healthcare environments – and a proven track record can provide measurable value. Strategic planning: helping clients to plan to lead discussions and to play an active part in formulating policy
    Knowledge transfer and capacity building: working within client organizations to develop skills and to implement the strategic plan.

  • Can a healthcare communication consultancy service the unique needs of my organisation?

    Market positioning, demographic analysis, messaging, channels and the strategic options of all companies are unique. They are dependent on an enormous number of variables. At Hyderus we apply a number of proprietary tools and approaches in order to fully understand the strategic imperatives that drive the competitiveness of a company in the healthcare environment. By getting under the skin of our clients we become intimately familiar with value drivers – and leverage organizational uniqueness to provide a competitive advantage.

  • I recognise the value of strategic and tactical counsel – but how much will this counsel cost – and how will it impact on the bottom line?

    Each organization, whether it is public or private has unique needs. Hyderus offers a variety of services including long term strategic planning, as well as tactical implementation of communications programmes aimed at a variety of stakeholders. Given the fact that strategic imperatives vary it is extremely difficult to gauge costs. However, an initial needs analysis will provide organisations with the insight required to make an informed decision about the types of services required – and balance cost with return on investment.

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