This extraordinarily audacious British presentation on progress towards meeting G8 goals must have been put together by a civil servant with a rich sense of irony.

Progress to meeting each goal is rated “good” or “satisfactory” or …. is left blank. None of the broken promises (for example the failure of France, Germany, Italy or Russia to meet ODA targets)  is mentioned — instead, we are told,  “there is still work to be done”.  Canada is cited as a case study in measuring ODA effectiveness despite Canada having reneged on promises to increase ODA, contributing just 0.3% of GDP and rolling its overseas development programme into its foreign ministry. The failure to increase access for African agricultural products to European or US markets is ignored and instead we are told that there has been “$20 billion in aid for trade”.

Maybe they hoped that the small type and use of Prezi technology would stop anyone noticing? Maybe it is a subtle form of protest by a DfID bureaucrat?