A separate article which is included in PME and written exclusively by Mark Chataway,  summarises the “Five Myths about emerging markets”.  Mark challenges the current thinking with his fact-defying answers to the following statements :

  • You can have an ‘emerging markets strategy’

Mark stresses that emerging markets are intrinsically different from one another  

  • You can decide whether/what  you want to introduce

Mark writes that access to medicines has become, for the most  part, a political football 

  • You can let each subsidiary act independently

 Mark says that anyone can find out anything about global price  deals

  • The growing private insurance market is good news for innovation

 Mark says that such policies in China and India, for example, often have low lifetime cash payout limits or act more as savings plans than as true insurance                      

  • The solution is local manufacture

 Yes, but there are restrictions on where you can build plants, especially R+D centres.    


Read the fuller version of the PME article by clicking the above link.

Alternatively, read the main version on the website http://www.hyderus.com/myths/