Coal fired power stations

 Barack Obama is making speeches on climate change and promising that it will be one of his legacy issues but he is dodging difficult decisions in US states that burn a lot of coal, according to The Christian Science Monitor . “The president should now visit those places heavily dependent on coal and try better persuasion … it would also address on a personal level the fact that Americans in general remain resistant to the sacrifices needed for drastic reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.” says the Monitor. 

NB: non-Americans frequently forget the Monitor but it is one of the great dailies in the USA and one of the few newspapers to have stood aside from the culture wars that have been raging there for the last decade. It was also the first major daily to go online only (it publishes a weekly print magazine) and has done very well from the decision. Europeans are suspicious: the Monitor is funded by the First Church of Christ Scientist. Its health reporting can occasionally be muted (but never distorted) because of the unusual views of Christian Science (the faith holds that most diseases are simple a mental delusion) but, otherwise, the paper’s religious origins never affect its reporting excellence.