Hyderus has enjoyed a very fruitful twelve months and,  in this blog, I would like to look at the type of work being undertaken by the company during the last year and give you an overview of the diverse areas of business in which Hyderus becomes involved.

We have been working on several projects this year,  spanning all continents and involving an array of different subject areas including:

  • oncology and how it is managed in middle-income countries
  • antibiotic resistance and how countries plan for the inevitable decline in antibiotic effectiveness
  • vaccines eg. polio, HIV/AIDS and vaccine eco-systems.

In addition to the pharmaceutical/medical assignments this year, we have been delivering general management seminars and media training to clients overseas.  Mark Chataway, a director, is an exceptional speaker and a highly-skilled and experienced communications consultant and has delivered many of these seminars already,  indeed, for one project a few years ago, he was required to assist an international French company in an advisory capacity with the live transmission of its annual seminar to an audience of around 400 people.  The company had been recommended to consult Hyderus which is a wonderful endorsement for the company.  The project was tightly managed by Darren Jones, a project manager, and thanks to his exceptional organisational and management skills and Mark’s top-class international presentation techniques, the whole event  was a great success.

New ventures have also been launched and a successful airline pricing video (link – https://youtu.be/rkv-Fk9fuhY) released by the company in the form of a nifty video in which Mark presents his model in three different colours. Hyderus has been commissioned by several multi-national companies to conduct market research into how stakeholders view major issues in HIV prevention.  We have also been working on the development of a communications plan for companies working on global health communications.

Always being mindful that face to face meetings are still paramount in strengthening relationships with our clients, but due to the growth of the business and the demand for more interactive meetings, Hyderus have invested in the latest video conferencing facilities in order to maximise the quality and experience of the many Virtual meetings we hold on a daily basis across the globe

Hyderus is always in the public eye and has caught the attention of several large multi-national companies and obtained many recommendations based on its strength as a forward thinking innovative and most importantly, honest communications consultancy .