How to get healthcare systems to care for older women

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How to get healthcare systems to care for older women

In an age of online trends and social networks, it can be difficult to get the focus onto older people and especially onto older women. That was the challenge facing our client, which had discovered and gone on to test extensively a very effective treatment for osteoporosis. Most women with osteoporosis are never diagnosed, much less treated properly. Many are brushed off by their doctors and told that stooping and loss of height are a natural part of aging

Hyderus helped convene innovative multi-stakeholder forums in Europe and East Asia that brought together doctors, patients, civil society, and media. We used these to help the client’s own subsidiaries to stimulate political action media coverage and change by the government. Creative pilots helped the subsidiaries to use social media as a way to reach the grandchildren of vulnerable women and to prompt action. We hope that we helped to save hundreds of thousands of women from avoidable fractures, expensive hospital stays, and early death.

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